Small Claims Court

By Vaios Zamakis, Attorney, Collections, Consumer Finance, Foreclosures, Landlord/Tenant. You may have at some point been involved in a small claims process, know someone who has, or maybe even thought about bringing a small claims case to court. In any case, the information and terminology in this article is useful in understanding Florida’s Small Claims Court procedures.

Is riding to the right the right thing to do?

Bicycle and cab
By Personal Injury attorney Lindsey Glantz. Both cyclists and motorists are responsible for keeping our roadways safe. The roads are meant to be shared and it’s important to pay close attention to Florida Statute 316.2065 which governs bicycle regulations. All bicyclists on the roadway have all the rights and responsibilities as the other motor vehicles.

Circumstantial Evidence and the Reasonable Hypothesis of Innocence

By Criminal Defense Attorney Sean T. Marcus. Circumstantial Evidence is exactly what it sounds like. It is evidence of certain facts and circumstances that indicate that a person was involved in a specific crime. In the Aaron Hernandez case, prosecutors were able to string together, not just one circumstance, but hundreds of circumstances all which pointed to the fact that Hernandez must have been involved in the crime...

Florida Renters’ Security Deposits: Protecting Your Rights as a Landlord or Tenant

Couple being shown around a new property
By Gonzalo Macchi, Traffic Citations, Identity Theft, Consumer Finance, Collections, Family Law, Contracts, and Landlord/Tenant matters Attorney. Whether you are a landlord or a tenant, you know that the security deposit is an important part in the establishment of a landlord-tenant relationship. Read on for some important steps that both parties need to take in protecting their respective rights with regard to the security deposit.