Delaying medical services after a car accident could affect your rights.

By Personal Injury Attorney David Hammer. Those injured in an accident seeking Personal Injury Protection (PIP) benefits, such as reimbursement for medical bills, and lost wages, MUST receive medical services within 14 DAYS after the accident. Additionally, there are other requirements to consider.

Purchase and Sale Agreement: “Is this just a standard form?”

By Aileen Torrens, Real Estate Closings, Transactions, & Litigation Attorney. The Purchase and Sale Agreement is usually the first contract the Buyer will encounter in a real estate transaction. It is most definitely not a standard form. While every single line is important and should be reviewed, these are some of the most important paragraphs.

A Rose by Any Other Name: How to Legally Change Your Name in the State of Florida.

By Gonzalo Macchi, Identity Theft, Consumer Finance, Collections, Family Law, Contracts, Landlord/Tenant issues, and Traffic Citations Attorney

If you do not like the name you were given, or the name on your birth certificate is different than the one … Read the rest

Florida Five Part Test to Help Real Estate Sellers and Buyers Understand When a Seller Should Speak Up [INFOGRAPHIC]

Excerpts from Required Disclosures in Real Estate Transactions blog by Aileen Torrens, Real Estate Closings, Transactions, & Litigation Attorney


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