Document Your Personal Injury Claim to Assist Your Attorney

By Personal Injury Attorney David Hammer

Take photographs of the vehicles involved and photograph the accident scene (including street signs or buildings), for reference points. Take photographs of your injuries. Obtain names and contact information of any witnesses. Keep a … Read the rest

Florida Ranks #1 in Dog Bite Incidents in the U.S.

By Personal Injury Attorney David Hammer. Florida is a strict liability state regarding dog bites. This means that a dog owner can be liable if their dog bites a person who is in a public place or lawfully on the owner’s premises.

Top 10 Things You Should Do When Involved in a Bicycle Accident.

By Personal Injury Attorney Lindsey Glantz. Did you know that the seconds after a bicycle accident can be the most dangerous? Unlike a car accident where you have a car protecting you from other dangers, a cyclist can get thrown off his bicycle and put into an even more threatening situation.